Peppers Are Finally Coming Up


Boy, it’s taken a very long time for them to start germinating.Yesterday, the serranos started poking there heads above” ground”.  One of the new varieties that I am growing is called “Fruit Basket” It is supposed to be for hanging pots. They are 68 days. Its low, spreading form reaches just 10 to 12 inches tall but spreads up to 2 feet. According to the literature, it is supposed to be a sweet bell with a peppery bite and sometimes will grow as large as 5″ long. I can’t wait to try it!

Not Much Too Look At…


Not Much Too Look At...

…but they will be someday. On Sunday, March 3rd I and a friend planted about 1500 pepper seeds. This is what they look like pre germinating. this year. This year I will have 41 varieties, including red, yellow and caribbean red habaneros, purple and red cayenne, anaheims, poblanos and sweet purple bells. Did you know that poblanos and anchos are the same thing? When they are dried, they become anchos.