Pepper Babies Are Growing Like “Weeds”

I posted some pictures in one of my last posts. Here are some pictures taken about two weeks later. They are growing wildly.

Here is a picture of the guajillo peppers, they show a marked difference in size from the last pic (the first one). Look how much difference two weeks can mark with the following two pictures side by side.

guajilla-22715 guajillo-2

King Arthur – beautiful green bell


Corno di Toro = a favorite heirloom, sweet non-bell, the name means horn of the bullcorno-di-toro

Orange Blaze – Sweet bell that turns fiery orange when ripeorange-blaze

a multitude of pepper plants including Thai and Carolina Reapermultitude-of-peppers

Update Pictures on Pepper Babies, Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion, Albino Bullnose, Guajillo, and Others

Here are some pictures of my pepper babies which i started mid-January. These were taken about two weeks ago. I will update them soon. They are best crop I’ve ever had.


Albino Bullnose – one of my favorites. Starts out this amazing white and turns to a beautiful, dark red. My first experience with a white pepper.


Carolina Reaper, a superhot, not for weenies!


Guajillo – a customer request, hot but not searing


Petite Colour – mini multi colored pepper mix


Trinidad Scorpion, a superhot.