Bio: I am a Graphic Artist and The Tomato Lady in the Spokane Valley, WA. I love creating beautiful things, horses, quilting, traveling, sightseeing, cooking, entertaining, and reading among other things.

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    • I am sorry but I didn’t plant any of the Indigo family this year. I was unimpressed with them and no one that I can remember requested them so I chose not to. However, I can do most of them next year if you like. Goodness knows I did more of others, I have 179 varieites including some new dawrf (tree type) tomatoes that I am in love with.

      • Thanks for responding. Blue Beauty is the only one that I have had a good experience with–and they were yummy with a smoky flavor. The other varieties were underwhelming.

  1. I was never in love with Indigo Rose but I really liked Indigo Cherry Drops and Indigo Apple. Thought they were both very tasty. The Indigo Blueberries and Goldberries were gorgeous, prolific and to my tastes, not tasty at all. Never had Blue Beauty. A lot depends on the weather and not sure what else. but I am not finding that some tomatoes taste great great year after year. I try to give something 3 years to prove itself to me. And of course everyone’s taste is different.

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