Friday the 24th (in central Florida)

Another hot day, at least for me. It;s like having a constant hot flash! Today we went to Pine Island beach, at least that’s what I think it’s called. I love all the house on “stilts” actually they are supports that keep them from being flooded when it is stormy. I wonder what happens to their cars. 

The beach was windy which was nice. My friend and I hauled all of our stuff to the beach and spent about 20 minutes trying to put up the umbrella. It hadn’t been used for at least a year but we were gamely trying to figure it out without being blown off the beach with it. It was like a “keystone cops” moment. Finally, a couple guys came over and asked us if we needed help, it took them all of about 5 minutes to have it up and  acting more like a beach umbrella than a parasail! 

My dear husband was pleased to hear that i actually got into the water. I am a statistic waiting to happen, it is known that there are human-eating fish in the ocean and I just know the headline will read, “Woman Eaten by Shark in Florida’s Gulf Coast”. My husband will be sad but I will be able to say “I told you so.” Anyways, i sucked up my courage and walked out into the gulf, avoiding the nasty seaweed, keeping an eye out for the triangular fin cutting through the water, half expecting the Jaws theme music to cue up somewhere. I was surprised at how warm it was, not exactly refreshing but nice. Our lakes in Eastern Washington don’t evenget that warm by the time August rolls around. Ever. It was very shallow and came to my waist by the the time I got out to fifty feet or so from the shore. (It might be more or less, I’m bad with measurements). I will post a picture of me in the water when i get it. It proves I actually did it. And survived.

No sunburn, I was good about that. I think being close to the equator makes it easier to look like a crispy critter in no time. Just some light coloring. will work on that some more tomorrow.

Some interesting names of bars here. Tonight we passed by The Pickled Parrot and the Tailgator’s Sports Bar.

For lunch we ate at Ruby Tuesdays. We don’t have them in Spokane, apparently the closest one to us is in Oregon. Too bad, I loved it. The food was marvelous, fresh veggies as close to naked as possible. None of the fancy sauces and foo foo things like white truffle oil or squid ink or foams that chefs want to dress them up with. All of the salads on the salad bar were made in-house, not taken out of a box (and you know what box I’m talking about). Our server was named Summer and she was fabulous, Kudos to Ruby Tuesday and please, please put one in the Spokane Valley!

Tomorrow is another day. (Hello Coralie, hope you are enjoying this! Miss you.)

The Morning After

I am finally here. got in last night at 12:30 or so, got back to Weeki Wachee at about 1:30. the humidity hit as soon as I disembarked. Not bad though. Didn’t sleep well, not sure why, woke up every 30 minutes. I will live, I think there’s a nap in my future. It’s sunny this morning, about 86 degrees with 41% humidity. The air embraces me when I step onto the patio. There was giant grasshopper on the screen to greet me. Now I know why people can eat as a protein supplement. This was big enough to carry off a small animal! My friend, whom we shall call D has a beautiful red mandevilla growing in a pot. I bought one just like it last Friday at Haase Greenhouse. Nice to know what it will look like when it grows up.Image

The Tomato Lady Goes on Vacation

I am on vacation now after a grueling tomato season. I am going to share it with people who read my blog. Mostly because I don’t want to start a new one! BTW we still have more tomatoes to sell at home. My dear, sweet, did I mention handsome husband, is manning the fort.

The flight from Spokane to Denver seemed relatively short. By the end of the flight, as we were descending into Denver I was having a “power surge” accompanied by a queasy stomach. My seatmates were very comforting and understanding as I tried to hide my head in the corner and use the little white paper bag. Ugh! I don’t understand the mechanics behind it but breathing in and out of the bag seem to help. After we landed I was able to get off the plane and stretch my legs and get something small to eat. Eating of, course being supremely difficult due to the fact that I had two teeth pulled and a root canal on Monday, two days prior. I reported back to the plane as requested, 40 minutes later. Now here I sit because they won’t let anyone board due to the small problem of no pilot! So we wait, and wait, and wait. Finally, another plane pulls in, and lets us use one of their pilots. I think that was the plan all along, the hitch being that it came from Chicago which had almost been shut down due to severe electrical storms. Thus, the late pilot. I used to think it would be great to stopover in all kinds of airports giving me a feel for different parts of the country. Alas, one airport looks like the next. One thing that struck about the Denver airport was that is very flat. The fog/smog/clouds kept me seeing any mountains. 


After about an hour we were able to board and take off towards Tampa. My new companion was a nice young woman on business. She happened to notice me reading a horse magazine and inquired if I had a horse. Her daughter has an appendix quarter horse whom she shows English. She showed mi pictures, I showed her mine. She lives in Valrico, close to Tampa. As we neared the airport, the pilot thanked us for flying Southwest and mentioned that we were a little late. A little late? We were over an hour late! But what the heck, I’m on vacation.