The Letter of the Day is S: “S” is for the Tomato, Super Snow White and the Pepper, Sweet Banana

Super Snow White

A favorite. This was the most prolific tomato I have grown in a long time. The plant was enormous and the tomatoes numerous. Mild and sweet, bearing 2 oz., ivory-colored cherry tomatoes, larger than Snow White, but similar in taste. They ripen to a bit larger than ping pong balls. Indeterminate, md-season


Sweet Banana

SWEET An AAS Bronze Medal winner for 1941 and still extremely popular. Large, pointed fruits measure 6-7” long and 1½” across. The mild yellow peppers ultimately turn brilliant red. Great for pickling. I also like to use this for stuffing with cream cheese. Very, very prolific.


The Letter “A” for the Ananis Noir Tomato and Alaku Sarga Szentes Pepper


Ananis Noir

Ananis Noir on a kitchen scale weighing 2.2 pounds

Ananis Noir

The name of this tomato is French for black pineapple. It arose out of a planting of the Pineapple tomato in a Belgian garden.


The fruit ranges from very large, as you can see in the picture, to medium. The color and flavor are totally different than that of it’s parent. The exterior is dark purple and green with pink-red splotches and a touch of yellow, while the inside is bright green streaked with pink. The hues bleed into one another reminding me of a piece of tie-dyed fabric. Not only is it pretty but the flavor is outstanding, sweet yet rich and delicious. These are arge plants and should be staked.. They are sure to wow your friends and neighbors. I would consider this a main season tomato.


Alaku Sarga Szentes – Sweet Pepper

I am growing this pepper for the first time. I saw it in the Baker Creek Seed catalog and since I love pretty colors and unusual shapes, I chose to offer it this year. From my website:

“This is a spectacular pepper from Hungary.  Pumpkin-shaped fruits are 3-4 inches in diameter, and are flattened and deeply ribbed, looking like little wheels of cheese. This pepper has sweet, incredibly thick walls that stay crisp. The compact, productive plants are loaded with bright yellow-orange fruits.

This rare variety was collected at a farmers’ market in Matrafured, Hungary, but deveoped in Szentes, Hungary.”

Try stuffing these with chicken salad or baking them with a hamburger, cheese, and rice stuffing.

Alaku Sarga Szentes

Alaku Sarga Szentes – What a lovely little pepper!