What I Did This Winter (I wouldn’t suggest it as an option for vacation!)

So this is my story: (No pictures as that would mean I need to brush my hair)

I just got out of the hospital 10 days ago. On 1/20 I had my knee replacement replaced due to an infection. I came home Friday afternoon and by midnight was taken back to the hospital by ambulance from a bad reaction to morphine. Couldn’t breathe. Ended up in ICU in an induced coma, intubated, had a mild heart attack, they put 5 stents in my chest. Spent almost 4 days in ICU. Kidneys were injured etc. 

I am getting stronger everyday but still tired. That’s probably the heart. Amazing the planning it takes to make a trip to the bathroom. I have to have antibiotics every morning for the next 5 weeks through a pic line in my arm that Steve has learned to hook up for me. That’s for the infection in my leg. 

If it wasn’t for the bad drug interaction I would have had a major heart attack at some point and probably died. I guess there can be good in all bad things. I never knew I have a heart problem. Go figure.

So last year, we did really well in plant sales. This year, no way I am going to be able to do the same volume. I have to accept my limitations and that’s a rough one for me. I have more friends than I knew I had. You should see the Facebook posts. I am humbled 

So this is what I have been doing for the last three weeks. I am glad to be home and am taking time in between naps to work on the tomato business. Timing could be better!

Don’t worry, I am making progress and I have many people who want to help volunteer to plant.