The Tomato Seeds Have Come Up For 2016!

tomato_seedlings_3There are times when I absolutely love what I do. Don’t get me wrong, I generally like being The Tomato Lady. Today is a day when I totally love it.

We planted the rest of the tomato seeds on Saturday (about 5000). Yesterday I was making mental bets on when they would come up, I figured about 7 days. This morning I checked and they were up! A couple of days sooner than I thought. Tonight they have started straightening up and are putting forth their seedling leaves.

Growing things is such a wonderful thing. It connects you with nature. I love the idea that these little babies will grow up and someone will give them a new home and they will be blessed with fresh tomatoes. All from a tiny little seed. And believe me, some of these are really tiny little seeds!


There is something about growing your own vegetables. You know where it came from, you know what it was fertilized with and whether pesticides were used to combat the bugs.

Whether you choose to use everything or nothing on your plants, garden organically or semi-organically, it is ultimately your decision. That is certainly not something you have control over in the produce aisle at the grocery store.

Plus there are so many more options/varieties to choose from! Striped tomatoes, blue tomatoes, white tomatoes, purple cauliflower, white peppers, purple jalapenos, red carrots, freckled lettuce, striped eggplant, peppers so hot they should come with a hazmat warning, and heirloom vegetables that have been around for a hundred years. The diversity is endless.