White, Purple and Light Green Pepper Pictures – Bianca, Islander and Cubanelle


This one is Bianca. There are a total of 3 fruits on the plant right now. Big, beautiful and lovely creamy white color. I fell in love with the white peppers when I grew my Albino Bullnose.


Cubanelle. Another one of my favorites, I grow it every year. Since I don’t like hot peppers, I use these for stuffing as in Chile Rellenos. They turn a pretty fiery orange.islander-in-purple

Who doesn’t love purple? This is called Islander, a new one for me. It starts out as a tiny green pepper and turns to purple as it matures. The next color will be red, yellow, orange, not sure what order before it reaches final maturity.

This would make a pretty and lively salsa or cut up into salads.