Where In The World Is The Tomato Lady? Colorado Springs

I got into Denver Wednesday night, 45 minutes late. I remember being so excited about getting such a cheap flight, $98 dollars! Then I read the fine print: everything was ala carte! You had to pay to check a bag ($20), to bring a carry-on ($35), if you wanted water or peanuts (several bucks each) or if you wanted to choose your own seat ($5). Suddenly it wasn’t so cheap anymore. My husband asked me if I had asked for a deluxe milk crate next to the chickens (think South American buses.) Consequently, my free personal item weighed at least thirty pounds since I had my heavy camera, my laptop, my purse, 4 magazines, pretty much everything I would have put into my carry-on that I don’t want the airlines to handle. As soon as I got into Denver, which by the way is HUGE, I found my suitcase, unpacked it right there, took out my carry-on case and loaded it up. What a relief! My return flight is on an airline that allows two free checked bags, a carry-on and a personal item.

It was good to see my brother and his wife and daughter. He lives in Colorado Springs which is 70 miles away. We got back to his lovely home at around 10 pm. We were all exhausted. Since it was dark, I didn’t actually get to see any part of Colorado.

Couple of things I did notice was that the speed limit is 75 which makes everyone go 80. And they have no compunction against cutting right in front of you. Coming out of the airport, there was still enough light to see that is was really flat which surprised me. For some reason I thought it was mountainous. My brother reminded me that east of here is plains and south is desert. Where was I in geography class? Don’t laugh but my tired brain forgot where in the states Colorado was. Go figure.

This morning came bright and not so early for me, still being on Pacific time. We went to McDonalds for breakfast (see my facebook post about that) and headed out to Garden of the Gods. Wow. Here are some pictures of the Red Rocks. They reminded me of a spine jutting sharply from the earth or a Stegosaurus back. I know that it is to due erosion and harder and softer rocks but it was simply amazing!


the entrance


A selfi at the entrance. My husband loves these kinds of pictures.


These are the “Three Graces” and others which I can’t remember the names of.


This is a picture of Balancing Rock. It somehow manages to stay upright even though there a hundreds of people climbing all over it. If you look in the next picture,you will see columns that have been placed under the edge of that shelf to keep it from collapsing.


We saw horses and their riders. There is a stable where you can rent from but it is pretty expensive. Still, I’d love to bring my horse here. She probably wouldn’t like the drive all that much though.


Even though I know that the first Star Trek was filmed in California, these rocks remind me of when Captain Kirk was fighting the Gorn. It also would make a great place to film the Flintstones movie. Yabba Dabba Do!


This is a living history museum called Rock Ledge Ranch. For $8 dollars you can enter the houses and stables and see how people lived back then. You can also walk around for free and just admire the buildings.


This is beehive oven of some sortImageImage

This is picture of an old cabin with a lovely stone fireplace. I can’t imagine living in something that small for an entire winter. Especially with no electricity, running water (although my husband says they did have running water, you ran to get it).


Or flush toilets. Gives new meaning to “cabin fever”.


the ranch garden


Here is their orchard backed by a portion to the Garden of the Gods.


This is a picture of what is called Incline. According to my brother, there used to be a trolley type car that ran up the mountains. When they took it out, the tracks were left behind for people to use to climb to the top. I think I’d just stay at the bottom and have my heat stroke and heart attack right there. Makes it easier for them to collect and remove my remains.Image

Pike’s Peak, we will be going up there tomorrow


This is Cheyenne Mountain where NORAD lives.


My brother and his daughter

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