The Tomato Lady Goes On Vacation


Last year I went to Florida for two weeks and I posted my trip on my blog. Rather than starting a new blog, I figured you needed to see how The Tomato Lady relaxes (at least one of the ways).

This year  I am going to start out in Colorado Springs and stay with my brother for three days. He will pick me up at the Denver airport. I hope to see Pike’s Peak.

Then my compadre in crime, Deb, will drop her husband off there (they live in Florida) to take a motorcyle trip with his buddies and she will pick me up. We will be going to Moab, Utah, then Zion National Park and then on the fourth of July, I will fly out of Salt Lake City and get home just in time to go to Couer d/Alene, Idaho for the fireworks, our yearly tradition.

I am bringing my camera{s}, their manuals,m tripods and we will be taking lots and lots of pictures. I wish I could take my horse so we could ride where they have filmed some westerns. Yee hah. 


I hope you enjoy my trip as much as I am going to.

Check out last year’s vacation to the Biltmore, Georgia, N and S Carolina by searching for any of those terms or vacation. There are some great pictures.

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