How I Keep Track Of My Tomatoes In My Garden

This year I only wanted 10 tomato plants in my garden. Not so much, the belt laid plans of mice and men, right? So I have more than that. When I plant, I try to mix up the colors and the shapes and the sizes so that I can keep the varieties straight. Let’s face it, a medium red looks like a medium red, except for taste. Even to The Tomato Lady.

Another thing I do is to make a map. There is now way I can rely on the markers: they fade, fall out or, and I am pretty sure this happens, at least to me, the squirrels think it’s funny to switch out the markers. Probably because I pull out all the walnut trees they try to plant in my yard. Sigh.

Below is a picture of my original map as I walked through the garden making notes.


This what it looks like once I transfer it to my computer. I include frames of reference such as raspeberries, arbor, greenhouse so that I can orient myself. Works like a charm and I have records from years past. Works for anything you want to keep track of.


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