How Can You Tell if a Tomato Tastes Good?

I am a participant in Quora and there was a question about how to tell if a tomato tastes good.  This was my answer: I have found that you can’t really tell definitively by the smell or the shape or the look of it how it will taste. There are a lot variables in what contributes to the quality of the tomato’s taste. Weather (hot or cold and how much}, watering (too much or too little), how ripe it is and most importantly, the variety.

 I have grown the same tomato from year to year and will have different results  each time. For instance, I grew a cherry tomato called Black Pearl and loved it the first year, but thought it was mushy and tasteless the second. Different growing conditions each year. When growing, i always recommend that you give it a few years since you may love it again.
This is a tomato, that when you look at it, you wouldn’t think much of it. It is a golden green (which some folks thing is odd) when it is ripe and it is phenomenal in flavor. About the size of a golf ball, it bursts in your mouth with sweet juicy goodness and has a pleasant pop when biting into it. This variety behaves itself and would be great in a large pot (think half of a wine barrel) and the name of it is Green Grape.

1 thought on “How Can You Tell if a Tomato Tastes Good?

  1. Hi Tomato Lady – I can tell you that the first ripe tomatoes from Dad’s garden this past Southern Hemisphere Summer were particularly good, probably for no other reason than it’s been a while since I could visit him at tomato time. I guess tomatoes are like kids, you can do everything the same but they turn out different 🙂

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