Have You Grown Peppers Yet?

Have You Grown Peppers Yet?

I am planning the varieties of peppers that I am going to grow this year and am wondering if anyone out there has any particular favorites that they like to grow and cook with. It seems in the past, our most popular are the jalapeños (which true aficionados don’t consider hot), Ancho/poblanos (which are called anchos when dried and poblanos when fresh) and sweet banana peppers. I myself love to cook but don’t like hot and spicy so I am a wimpy hispanic! I can do beautiful things with sweet peppers though. Most folks don’t know that almost all peppers start out green and then turn some color or other. Purple, red, yellow, light green, white, chocolate brown, orange, and gold are the colors that peppers come in. One note; I grew a pepper last year that started out a creamy white color. It was beautiful pepper that eventually turned red.

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