‘Lettuce’ Look At Unusual Types Of, Well, . . . Lettuce!

I am in love with lettuce. It’s good for you and comes in a multitude of colors and, shapes and sizes. who knew there were so many kinds. Most people , i they think of it all, figre there are 5 types of lettuce. Whqt they see in the stores is red leaf, green leaf, iceberg, romaine and sometimes butter lettuce.

A couple of years ago I started perusing some of my favorite catalogs and was amazed at the variety. I grew starts and sold them along with my tomato plants. It was well received. I held a “Salad Bowl Workshop” for some of my customers and showed them how to plant i various kinds f pots such as stock pots and colanders. I twas so much fun and the ladies learned how to use lettuce AND flowers to make beautiful containers, both functional and edible!

This year I’ve started approximately 35 kinds of lettuce. I am going to showcase a few of what I have to offer. Can you image making a salad with these combinations? Masterful! My faves are Mayan Jaguar and Tom Thumb. I will showcase more in my next blog post.

Angel’s Ear – Deer Tongue (formerly known as Devil’s Ear)
Buckley – Oak Leaf
Magenta – Summer Crisp
Tom Thumb – Mini Butterhead
Speckled Amish – Butterhead
Pomegranate Crunch – Romaine
New Red Fire – Loose Leaf
Pablo – Batavian / Crisphead
Slo-Bolt – Loose Leaf (Takes heat better than other lettuces)
Elf Ears – Oak Leaf
Lollo Di Vino – Lollo / Loose Leaf / Red Leaf
Mayan Jaguar – Mini Romaine


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