How Does YOUR Garden Grow?

July 3rd, 2020

Where has the time gone? It’s seems that only yesterday I made a video showing folks how to plant tomatoes!

As I wandered through my garden checking the progress of our plants, I started wondering how yours were doing. I’ve heard from a few of you that they are best plants you’ve ever had and others describe what can only be the results of herbicide damage. With all the wind we’ve had, it’s not surprising.

Here is what is going on with my garden.

Corn This year we decided to try corn again and it has come up in spades. They are about a foot high already. We planted them short rows for better pollination.

Tomatoes Our plants are looking amazing and about three times as large as when I planted them. Most have tomatoes on them already. Two that have really amazed me are the dwarf “Yukon Quest” and the “Lucid Gem” The Yulon Quest was only about a foot high when it started producing tomatoes. so far they are are about 2″ across. The Lucid Gem has several tomaotes, some almost 2.5″ across with beautiful purple shoulders. The plant isn’t anything to write home about but it is healthy.All three of our cherry tomatoes, “Sungold”, “Celano”. and “Fruit Punch” have clusters of fruit. The Sungold is starting to color up.

Lucid Gem
Yukon Quest

Our peppers are amazing. half of them we planted in the greenhouse and the other half are in large pots. Almost all of them have peppers on them. The one I am impressed with it called “Glow” It has fruit that is about 4″ long already!

Pepper “Glow”

Our melons are growing as is the winter squash which are reaching out to touch it’s neighbors. We even have little babies on the summer squash plants. Can’t wait to eat them!

This year we have enough room to try beans again. Being naturally lazy, I like pole beans, easier to pick and gives a season long harbest. I planted purple and green, the purple being eaiser to see!

Pole Beans

The cucumbers are amazing! They are climbing up the support we provided and I saw tiny little cucumber on one of them.


5 thoughts on “How Does YOUR Garden Grow?

  1. Your garden looks amazing! The tomato plants I bought from you are in containers and a community garden raised bed. They all have been growing great – lots of flowers but only a couple of baby tomatoes starting. I flick the flowers to encourage them (for the possibility of lack of bees to pollinate them). Hopefully with some constant sunny weather they will take off. What do you feed yours if you do? Maybe that will help too. Thx!!πŸŒΏπŸ…πŸŒΏπŸ…πŸŒΏπŸ…πŸŒΏ

    • Feed your soil it feeds your plants. we incorporate loads of composted horse manure and shredded leaves. then we don’t need to add anything else. Maybe use a small paintbrush or a Q-tip to go from flower to flower. works with squash too

  2. I have to say that I have never grown peppers! I had sown pepper seeds once and they have even sprouted but after a couple of weeks the plants withered and I didn’t have a chance to even see the fruits. Maybe next time I’ll do it! When it comes to tomatoes, I love to grow them because they’re so easy and, of course, tasty. Lucid gem seems really interesting, had never seen purple tomatoes’s something new for me! However, from few years I am growing ‘Akron’ variety from which is also very tasty and reasonable in price. Thanks for your inspirations, have to look for these varieties!

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