Concerning the Virus And Our Tomato Business; We Will Still Be Selling

This is primarily for customers who come to the house and/or the Garden Expo

Good afternoon! Despite the virus situation plaguing our country, we will still be selling plants; tomatoes, peppers, flowers, and veggies. I am transplanting out in the greenhouse and will have some numbers of plants soon. Right now, I am transplanting the third wave of seeds. I was going to do another wave of seeds but right now, I don’t know if the Garden Expo will be canceled or not. My goal is to have 3100 larger plants and around 2000 plus of the smaller plants. We hope to open on April 15th, fingers crossed. You are still welcome to come to the house and browse. I am considering for those of you who are high risk, of filling your orders and running them out to the car for you, or making special appointments where you are basically here alone. My problem is having an area that is warm for putting an order. Obviously, it would have to be picked up immediately, at least within 24 hours. Not sure yet how that is going to look. I feel that with the run on the stores, it’s still more important than ever to control your food source, plus it is most gratifying to grow your own healthy food. I will be sending out an email and putting this on my website and blog when I can get to it.


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