Summer Harvests

It has been a pretty nice summer so far. Fewer 90 degree days than we normally get. Despite my goal of keeping everything deadheaded, weeded and pruned, the whole thing got away from me when I took two separate trips of a couple days each.  You snooze you lose I guess. You have to figure that an annuals sole purpose in life is to reproduce. When you allow it to set seed it starts declining – rapidly. Throw in some hot days, forgetting to water once or twice and there you have it…a graveyard!

My geraniums are still going strong. I think they are one of my favorite flowers of all tie. Very easy care will live on neglect and comes in many colors, scents, shapes, and sizes.

As I look at pictures I took at the beginning of the season and then more recent ones, I am struck by how much and fast everything grows. Here is a pic of my tomato beds, before and after as well as the bed I put my squashes in …pictures june 8 2019 - 34garden aug 22 - 1pictures june 8 2019 - 40garden aug 22 - 2garden aug 22 - 3

Here are some other pics of my garden bed.

misc photos 81319 - 49misc photos 81319 - 50misc photos 81319 - 51

Hard to believe it is almost the end of August. I am going to have to can, we’ve picked so many vegetables.

2 thoughts on “Summer Harvests

  1. That is some serious rhubarb!
    What is that tree in the upper left corner of the fourth picture from the bottom? It has pinnately compound leaves, and looks almost like a mountain ash.

  2. It is a Staghorn Sumac tree. this is an extremely invasive tree! Pretty though.

    As for the rhubarb, that is what happens when you feed it horse manure, composted of course. It is also a volunteer seed grown plant.

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