Amazing Tomatoes: How They Grow and it’s Only Early July!

This is one of the best years I’ve had for growing tomatoes, actually everything except the peppers are doing really well. they look good but are still smallish.

I am surprised because the weather has been like riding a roller coaster. Hot, cold, wet, dry. This should be causing more stress than I have. On the plants that is!

Here are some pictures of my tomatoes


These are both Candyland Red


Fred’s Tye Dye out of the Dwarf Tomato Project


Mr. Snow of the Dwarf Tomato Project 2 pics


Taxi – an heirloom. This really surprised me, it was the second one to fruit.


These two are Bush Blue Ribbon


Lucky Swirl out of the Dwarf Tomato Project


Summer Sweet Gold out of the Dwarf Tomato Project


maskotka-3-618maskotka-618Maskotka – Our first tomato, that we were able to eat on July 4th. It is from Canada.


freds-tye-dye-618Silvery Fir Tree

4 thoughts on “Amazing Tomatoes: How They Grow and it’s Only Early July!

  1. My tomato plants look very good and most have tomatoes on them. But they are nowhere nearly advanced as your plants are. Also my Summer Sweet Gold drops blossoms instead of forming little tomatoes. Is there something I can do to change that?

    • they probably aren’t being pollinated. Try taking a q tip or small paint brush and swishing them gently around the inside of one blossom to another. Weather can also make them drop

  2. ‘Only early July’? Are they normally later? With all the warmth that everyone else has been getting, they are probably ahead of ours in some areas. We somehow missed out on the worst of the heat. It is warm here, but not unusually so for this time of year.
    Tomatoes are famously productive here, but I think that they develop better flavor in other regions where the weather stays warmer at night. Our weather is very pleasant for people and most plants, but I think that a bit more consistent warmth, although not my favorite weather, is good for tomatoes.

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