Fred’s Tye Dye, a New Favorite Tomato


This is Fred’s Tye Dye, another one from the Dwarf Tomato Project. Notice the beautiful stripes.


The inside of Fred. Isn’t it a gorgeous dark red color? Not only is this a beautiful tomato but it taste really good. This is being grown in the same area that Mr. Snow is, meaning it isn’t getting a lot of light but it is still producing. Live and learn. Isn’t that one of the best things about being a gardener? You can correct your mistakes the following year! Unlimited do-overs!

This is the second year I’ve grown it, both times in a large pot and it has done well for me. Next year it will go into one of my raised beds in full sun.

1 thought on “Fred’s Tye Dye, a New Favorite Tomato

  1. The two dwarf plants I got from you, Maiden’s Kiss and Blush, have thrived in their containers on my deck, which gets both sun and shade during the day. However, the Maiden’s Kiss has produced very few tomatoes so far. We tend to eat the Blush tomatoes right off the plant. They are yummy.

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