We Have Cantaloupe! Minnesota Midget Ripened Here In Spokane.

minnesota-midget  minnesota-midget-2

Here are some pictures of our homegrown cantaloupe. We’ve tried several times to grow melons in our garden. Spokane Valley used to be know for the fields of Hearts of Gold melons that they grew everywhere. I don’t know if the climate changed or what but we had no success at all. The plants grew but we had nothing ever get any bigger than a tennis ball!

This year I started several varieties in late April. I have a hunch that the extreme heat we’ve had (apparently 27 days of over 90 degree heat) caused them to flourish. These are the first to ripen, 4 of them, and they range from tennis ball to softball size. Their taste is incredibly sweet. First time in my life I’ve grown my own melons. First time!

The varieties we are growing are Oka Bizard (shown below), Dove honeydew, Ambrosia, Hearts of Gold, Hales (a volunteer in the greenhouse) and Inspire. I will let you know how those tasteoka-bizard-2


1 thought on “We Have Cantaloupe! Minnesota Midget Ripened Here In Spokane.

  1. Congratulations on your success!!! I seriously mean that. I know how hard it is to get some crops to ripen in our short season. So apparently the trick is that if your regular melons never reach mature size and only got to tennis ball size, plant melons that have a mature size of a tennis ball! 🙂 Those look wonderful ~ and I love that they are serving size! No cutting up into chunks to share. They look like keepers. Now if we could just keep summer…

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