Pink Brandywine Tomato At Last!


This is the only time I have been able to grow a Pink Brandywine. Ever. In our area they are just too late of a season. Every year II grow them because of customer request but I generally push the Red Brandywines over the pinks since they are more reliable. While they may be the epitome of an heirloom tomato by which all heirloom tomatoes are judged by, I have yet to be able to grow them successfully.

This was a sad looking leftover, in a gallon pot, which were 2 months ahead of the game. No one wanted to take it home and there were already two tiny tomatoes growing so I put it into the garden. I’m a sucker that way, I shudder to kill something that is obviously trying so hard, even if it is just a plant.

So here we are, pictures of the elusive Pink Brandywine! One of the pictures has a tag that I make and sell. (I know, shameless plug). Today we will have BLT’s or put it into a salad and try it. I will let you know if I think they are worth all the hype.

pink-brandywine-3-2015 pink-brandywine-2015

4 thoughts on “Pink Brandywine Tomato At Last!

  1. While this season’s early heat rapidly turned my raspberries from a gorgeous bumper crop to dried up berries covering the ground below, the tomatoes are loving it. Just harvested my first tomato and it looks like the eggplant will be a success, too. I’m hoping your pink brandwines are as good as they say.

  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    I ate my first Brandywine, Sudduth’s yesterday! It was worth the wait. The plant only had 12 fruits (now 11), and I debated whether or not to even take up the space in my garden given it’s reputation of low productivity. So I planted a Stump of the World as a back up. But, it has only 12 fruits as well. After reading Craig LeHoullier’s book, “Epic Tomatoes” six months ago, I ordered some seeds from his recommended varieties list, including one heirloom named Ferris Wheel. It was commericially introduced by the Salzer Seed Company in 1898. The taste is strikingly on par with both the Brandywine and Stump, but the production is totally awesome here in Spokane!!! And it’s a little earlier than Brandywine which is always a good thing. If you haven’t tried it, you must! It’s really that good!

    • I will consider them for next year. I too was happy with the taste of the pink brandywine but it still isn’t a big producer here in Spokane, The red brandywine was a better producer and and earlier than the pink also.

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