Tell Me What Tomatoes and/or Peppers You Want Me To Grow This Year

Hello to all my customers! (Should you be reading my blog)

Time to let me know what you want me to grow this year. Let me know your favorites or something you heard about that sounds good. If I can secure the seeds, I will grow them. Tomatoes and/or Peppers. Let me know before the end of January. Thanks

5 thoughts on “Tell Me What Tomatoes and/or Peppers You Want Me To Grow This Year

  1. My first season here in Hayden was great success with heirloom tomatoes. They didn’t do real well last season, except for some very nice orange cherry type tomatoes that I got from a coworker; have no idea what they were. Peppers… consistent failure for me. They always get “black” shoulders that I’m thinking has something to do with fluctuating temperatures. So.. Anything that you grow is great for me! I will be keeping a close eye on your posts, thanks!

    • thank you for you input. Peppers are heard to grow here. But they are doable. I will do some research on the black shoulders. Might be sunburn. Not anything I’ve heard of.

  2. Hello, we recently moved to this area and live in north Spokane and are interested in growing tomatoes. We are interested in varieties that grow well or are indigenous to this area. We had good luck with the following varieties in Boise:

    – Sweet 100 – Early girl – Large Red Cherry

    We are also interested in San Marzano, Campari and Roma varieties. In addition, I was wondering if you would recommend a varieties of eggplant and red bell peppers that grow well in this area.

    Thank you

    • I will be happy to recommend something for you. At least in the pepper family. I think eggplant is pretty but I don’t grow them. However, I can check with some fellow gardeners and see what they grow. I will let you know.

  3. I LOVED your Consultuto Genovese that I got from you last year! It made amazing sauce and was good as a slicer too. I would also be interested in some black cherry tomatoes. Also, I had never had a pepper do as well as your Jalapeno. Thanks so much!

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