How My Vegetable Garden is Growing

Here are some pictures of my tomatoes, squash and peppers among other things.campari-2014

These are my compari tomatoes given to me by a customer. Yummy.



A zucchini squash called Eight Ball Forty Niner, both are perfect for pots.


Unripe, Sweet Carernos and Speckled Roman, both striped tomatoes


This is a Giant Marconi that isn’t so giant…yet!

 sun-sugar juliet-first

This is Sun Sugar, a golden cherry tomato and Juliet, a grape shaped cherry. These are the first on the plants to ripen. The Sun Suagars are supposed to give Sungolds a run for their money. We will see. The Juliets are terrific, they have a “tomaotey” taste and thicked skin than most other cherries, which makes for a delightful pop when you bite into it. It also means they don’t split their skins when it rains.


My pride and joy, a Hale’s cantaloupe. It’s about the size of a football now and started veining. The first one I gott fruit from. I’m pretty sure it’s because it’s in the greenhouse where is hotter than blazes. That’s also why, there is something thing attacking it besides powdery mildew. Looks like rust. I must do some research on what the problem is.

2 thoughts on “How My Vegetable Garden is Growing

  1. Hi there friend, Loved your pictures and your travel blog earlier this year. Thanks for including me in your list. My garden stinks this year. One thing about gardening…you can always be hopeful for the year to come. I have deer, a doe and fawn. They love everything except zinnias and marigolds. Both of those are doing fine. however, the tomatoes, cosmos, sunflowers and potatoes are pruned lovingly every night. We should all have such faithful helpers. Then there is the matter of rabbits. The wildlife people are thrilled that the cotton tail is making a comeback after many years of paucity. Is that a word? But I for one, am not all that thrilled that they have taken up residence next door to my garden. They seem to love carrots and beans. Nothing eats the weeds. All this on top of the fact that my twenty year improved soil was replaced by concrete sand by the water co. When they replaced a water main. Yes, there’s always next year! how’s the knee? did you have surgery? Do you love the heat like your tomatoes do? I’m afraid I wilt and do not like this extreme heat. Ah well, this too will pass. then we’ll snowshoe.


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    • I hate the heat to be honest. 75 to 80 is my personal comfort zone. Yes, I had surgery on my knee two weeks ago, yesterday. It’s kinda kicked my butt. My doc says I am recovering nicely and that I can begin riding on Friday or Saturday. He does want me to wear a knee brace.Unfortunately, it’s too hot to ride right now. Sigh

      The blossoms on my amana orange have started drying up. Tomatoes don’t actually love it super hot. Some varieties are more sensitive than others.

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