The Letter of the Day is R: “R” is for Rocky and Roman Candle, Both Paste Tomatoes


A favorite despite the late maturation date. We had loads of them for canning in September.

Simply amazing! These were enormous tomatoes in my garden. Some were so big, you could have used 3 or 4 in one quart jar and a joy to slip the skins for canning. Good producer of 2 x 3-inch, 1 lb., red, paste tomatoes. Sweet, tangy, meaty fruit. One of the best flavored sauce tomatoes. Indeterminate, late season but worth the wait. 


Roman Candle

Beautiful, neon yellow banana-shaped fruits are bursting with intense sweetness and flavor. Wonderful new tomato that originated as a ‘sport’ from Mr. John Swenson’s Speckled Roman. The Roman Candle often has green shoulders and sometimes stripes. A new favorite of market growers that is quite colorful. Indeterminate, mid-season


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