The Letter of Day is O: “O” is for Orange Russian and Opalka Tomatoes

Orange Russian

Love, love, love this one! Pretty and yummy! I am not exaggerating when I say this is one the finest looking tomatoes I’ve ever had the pleasure to grow. Of course I love anything striped or with splashes of color. 

This is a first bicolor oxheart tomato and it exhibits the best qualities of both types. Tomatoes weigh 8 ozs. or more and are heart-shaped with smooth golden flesh, blushed with rose on the outside, marbled inside with streaks of red. As with most heirlooms, size and shape vary as you can see in the photo.

They are delicious and sweet, somewhat fruity in flavor, and, because it is typical of an oxheart, they are meaty with very few seeds. 


85 days




Fruits are far richer and more flavorful than most paste tomatoes. A pepper-shaped type with fruits that grow to 4 to 6″ long. Sweet and refreshing, it can be eaten straight off the vine, but is prized for sauces and canning. As with quite a few heirloom paste tomatoes, the foliage is wispy but it produces heavy crops. I’ve had people ask me if there is something wrong but that is the way they grow. Heirloom variety from Poland. 


75 days


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