The Letter of the Day is E: “E” is for the Tomatoes, Early Wonder and El Dorado

Early Wonder


Early Wonder is a really great tomato. It has larger and tastier fruits than some of the other early tomatoes. They are a pretty pink and they did well in my garden. I would also recommend this for container planting as it is not a huge plant. It is one of my faves for an early tomato, along with StupiceSubarctic Plenty and Jetsetter.

Extra-early maturing and compact variety that yields an abundant crop of round, dark-pink, great-tasting fruit. Perfect for gardeners in shorter season growing climates.

Determinate, 55 days

El Dorado



I have not grown this one as of yet but I have tried other yellow paste tomatoes such as Roman Candle. They make the most lovely soup although I had toclose my eyes when tasting it. Even though it tasted the same as a soup made with red tomatoes, I just couldn’t wrap my mind around it. Yummy though. Click on this link “Best Tomato Soup Ever” for a recipe I use on my website. You can interchange any tomatoes.

Uniquely colored yellow paste type fruits with pointed ends are 3 inches long and weigh 4 ounces. Excellent for drying or making colored pastes and sauce. Also perfect for fresh use, adds interesting color to salsas.

Indeterminate, 65 days

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