Today I Planted Sweet Pepper Seed and Transplanted Over 300 Impatiens


Despite my inability to stand without pain in my knees I managed to transplant 6 different varieties of impatiens, including Athena, Mystic, Red Flash and Butterfly Mix. I love handling the little guys, it makes me feel like spring although the forecast is for snow tonight.

Today and yesterday, I seeded 24 varieties of sweet peppers. California Wonder, Albino bullnose and White Lakes (both cream colored), Sweet Pickle, Sweet Banana, Sheepnose  and several colors of mini bells, to name a few. A couple of the hot peppers that were planted last week are coming up. Hot peppers take longer to germinate so I am surprised. 

2 thoughts on “Today I Planted Sweet Pepper Seed and Transplanted Over 300 Impatiens

  1. I used to own a greenhouse. All of my impatiens transplanting was from plugs. I have grown a lot of peppers from seed and have waited way too long for them to germinate, so celebrate your victory. By the way do you know about the April A to Z challenge. Twenty six posts on every letter of the alphabet. I am going with the theme of the plants and flowers on our homestead. I invite you to check in and see what we grow.

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