Oh what a Relief It Is!

Yesterday morning, I about had a stroke! My laptop ws dying, my camera was dying and I couldn’t find my chargers for either of them. I spen ta great part of the morning trying to figure out what to do and going hither and thither looking for a mac store, a Best Buy store and finally ended up at Radio Shack. I wasn’t able to remedy the mac power supply unless I wanted to buy another one for $80 dollars (which I definitely didn’t want to do) but I was able to find a charger for the lithium battery that would work in the car and the house. I had always charged my batteries in the camera before. Who knew? You think you are technologically  with it and then you learn something new. (Stop laughing at me, all of you out there!) So, I’m back on the road. No mac but what can you do? My friend’s son was going to bring it up to Buford for a military graduation ceremony and I”d get it on Friday. Sigh.

This morning I am putting some dirty clothes into a secret pcoket on the inside of my suitcase when lo and behold I feel a lump the size of deck of cards. I got to the outside pockets, search, nothing that resembles a deck of cards, go back into the inside pocket and, you guessed it, both of my chargers. I almost wept for joy. I swear I searched that bag inside and out. (there was no indication from the outside of the pocket that it was in there and they are both big chargers. And it was a nylon pocket. No outline of wires or charger bulging out.) I am going to believe the God somehow transported them for me over night. Hey, it could happen! Yeah God!!!!


We traveled from Crawford, GA to Blue Ridge where we comfortably ensconced in a Comfort Inn. Third floor, beautiful view. The most amazing smell wafted down to us as we got out of the car. At first, I thought it was a field of clover, although I have never seen that much scent from a patch of clover. Upon further investigation, it turned out to be wild honeysuckle. Absolutely gorgeous. I will take a pic before we leave this morning. I should have known because my honeysuckle, while it is gold and pink, smells the same way.

The wildflowers are very pretty. From the car, it looks like knapweed, The huge  swaths of purple in the center of the highway look like it, but It might be something else. It’s not that tall. There is coreopsis, gaillardia, and roses. From the road, they all seem to be the same pink shrub rose, although I  did happen to sport a white one in front of a church. At some of the homes, I’ve seen magnificent blue hydrangeas, some spiderwort (tradescantia) and daylillies. Note: I spotted htis fabulous purple grass like plant that my friend called wandering jew, (which i knew it wasn’t unless that is a geographical name thing, to me it’s a houseplant with fuzzy purple leaves), anyways, I was looking up the spelling of tradescantia and there it was. I think it is called tradescantia pallid, purple heart. Now that I take a closer look at it, it might be something different. If you know, send my a comment.

I was happy to see some mountains. Granted, they aren’t like our mountains but they are great. Very pastoral in some parts of Georgia. a lot mobile homes too. It’s interesting to see how many houses that look like they have just been abandoned. As we traveled I was trying to imagine the soldiers marching across the landscape during the war.

Speaking of soldiers, we went into Elijay and their was a very moving display of crosses, apparently representing all of the fallen men and boys from this area.

crosses-for-memorial-day-in-eljay crosses-for-memorial-day-in-eljay-1

We stopped to see the Amicalola falls. It was amazing! gastateparks.org/lodges/amicalola/ almost 800 feet tall. Because of my gimpy knee we couldn’t walk up the trail to the base of the falls but we did drive up to the overlook.


This is looking down  the falls


Im turning into a tree hugger! Don’t know wha tkind of tree this is but it is huge!


View of the falls from the bottom. Almost 800 feet tall.steps-down


These are the stairs at the top of the falls.

Time to go,we are headed for Asheville today.

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