Shopping is such hard work!

So, we went and I had to pick up some things. Simple items like toenail clippers, shampoo and mousse for my hair and the biggest cantaloupe I’ve ever seen. I think it was born here in Florida. We could play basketball with it. Only one bounce though. I will name it Melon Head. 

It’s very interesting to people watch in Florida. My husband says it’s God’s waiting room. there are a lot of older, retired folks here. There are billboards everywhere for geriatric services, knee replacements, and cardiologists. And sinkholes. And termite control. the lawns here are  really very green at all, not what you would think Florida would be like. I am told they have a water shortage and can only water once a day or they can be fined. Here they are sitting on one of the biggest aquifers and they have water shortage. Go figure. Apparently the more verdant areas are more south, like the Everglades.

Too me, it’s quite humid. The odd thing is, it didn’t really bother me. but of course I’ve been here only one day. I was hotter in the stores than I was outside. Probably because there was a breeze. Strange when you can feel the air that you’re breathing. You walk outside into it and it’s like a caress, enveloping you with warmth and moisture. 

The cicadas are buzzing busily. that’s it for me tonight, talk at you tomorrow 


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